Flat Rate Services

What Are Flat Rate MLS Services?

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a premium marketing service using a network of Utah real estate brokerages so that listing with a single member of the MLS places the listing in front of all members of the Wasatch Front Regional MLS through a shared database. As a result, all buyers who work with any member of the MLS are exposed to your property. The listing brokerage also provides other supplemental services for the seller.

Flat Rate MLS services provide MLS exposure but without other premium, supplemental services. Because the listing brokerage agrees to do less, it costs less. The seller still receives the benefit of having exposure through the MLS shared database to all brokerages in the MLS area.

Brokerages offering Flat Rate MLS services will quote a single up front fee to place the property on the MLS. Then the seller has to pay only one-half of the usual fee at closingto the buyer's broker. The effect is saving nearly one-half of the typical MLS commission.

Why Use Flat Rate MLS Services?

Flat Rate MLS services, though limited, still provide greater exposure than For Sale By Owner (FSBO) marketing for Utah real estate. Because most buyers want the assistance of MLS brokerages in order to receive their very helpful services, your property is exposed to more qualified buyers through the MLS network. Qualified buyers are those who have real motivation and the financial ability to buy. Having a real estate professional accompany a potential buyer to your house may also add a measure of safety for your family. You will not have to be alone with a stranger in your house who says he is a buyer.

If you decide you would like to up-grade your Flat Rate MLS service you will receive full credit for the amount previously paid. Realty Utah, LLC will give full credit on the final commission for the Flat Rate MLS fee previously paid. You retain the choice and have nothing to loose if you up-grade.

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